Facebook to launch landing page measurement for adverts

A new feature is coming to social media advertising

Facebook have added a new addition to their agenda. They’ve now announced they’ll begin informing brands using paid media more details about their audience and advert clicks.

Although they feature this already, the development will clearly display the difference between link clicks and website visits. The link click feature currently doesn’t account for those who encounter connection problems or click backs before the page loads.

The ‘landing page views’ metric will show clarity by only reporting the number of times the website loaded after someone clicked on the ad.

Advertisers looking for people to click on their ads AND actually visit their website, will have the option to prioritize the ‘landing page views’ metric when buying a traffic advert.

To make social media marketing even more efficient, adverts manager will start informing advertisers when a user has visited their site more than once. A ‘pre-impression breakdown’ will display how many of the people clicking on a Facebook advert had never visited or re-visited in a 28 day period.

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