Upload GIFs straight to Facebook

Social media companies have been consistently hesitant to incorporate GIFs into their platform, until now. Facebook has now given users the option to posts GIFs in the same way they would do with a regular image or video.

The somewhat dysfunctional relationship between Facebook and GIFs has now reached closure. Previously, users were able to posts GIFs in an animated form, by posting a link from GIPHY, for example, and this was later extended to ‘Pages’. Soon after, GIFs could be used for advertising purposes, with the dedicated GIF button in the comments. And now, GIFs can be posted directly onto Facebook.

Instead of searching for your favourite GIF in GIPHY, you can upload a GIF as an image or video, which Facebook will automatically recognise and autoplay/loop within your newsfeed! This will undoubtedly lead to more organic dissemination of GIF content, and perhaps even increase brand presence.

So, with Twitter ignoring user’s demands for the function to save and directly upload GIFs, will this mean more active users will favour Facebook?

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