The Most Dreamy 5* Hotel in Turkey…

With the summer sunshine well and truly gone for another year, I was kindly recommended this lovely hotel in Antayla, Turkey to cling onto some last minute rays ahead of the colder months. Hotel Su With its name deriving from the Turkish word for water and a design concept with endless surprises, it really is one of Antalya’s dreamiest destinations. Situated on the outskirts of Antayla and right on the beach, it was the perfect location for a week of utter relaxation, lots of sleeping, swimming and generally making full use of the all-inclusive food and drink…well why not. For someone with a major OCD problem and a somewhat obsession with neatness and ‘clean’ things, I was pretty much over joyed to find the hotel consisted of white walls, white floors, white beds, white linens and an all-round white effect! The 5* hotel has won numerous Design Week awards for its architectural talent and interior creativity, which was an added bonus for my standard Instagram holiday snaps. You could choose to sleep on your balcony or in your room, the beds mirrored each other so it really was a case of where you crashed out at the end of the day. The spa was beyond exquisite, where I treated myself to an Anti-Stress Body Massage, it was amazing.  The lobby was catwalk like with giant disco balls lining the 24 hour bar and sushi lounge. The pool, symmetrical in size, shape and sunbeds, was pleasing to the eye and the perfect temperature for a daily dip in between a Cosmo or two…I mean Green Tea! With endless other benefits including an outdoor cinema, 3 restaurants, a huge gym, indoor swimming pool and daily beach bbq’s, I would highly recommend this for a summer haven get-a-way! By Lucy Burkel l2 l4 l5