BPR’s Milan Fashion Week highlight : MoschinOMG!

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social channels of late, you may notice that we have been referencing the Moschino Barbie inspired show A LOT. Well here is a bit more airtime because frankly, who can ever get enough of Moschino, Barbie or Fashion Week? Exactly! Where do we start?

If the pink leather two-pieces weren’t enough to get you digging out your favourite Barbie from the attic then the perfectly pink hand mirror disguised as an iPhone case (OBSESSED) surely had every fashion gal heading to their nearest Toys R Us just to stand in the Barbie aisle and breathe in the pink-loving doll of dreams! If you ask us, Barbie wasn’t the only point of reference either, there were definite nods to Legally Blonde 1 and 2 and a hint of Clueless. What’s not to love?**SNAPS FOR JEREMY SCOTT!**

By Catrin Jones