Introducing Margarita Atieh: The Baby Planner

Boudoir PR will be handling all press enquiries for internationally renowned maternity nurse Margarita Atieh. Having worked with a number of high profile and celebrity families around the globe including the likes of Boris Becker, Supermodel Natalia Vordianova and English Socialite Tamara Beckwith, Margarita works to display a smooth introduction to parenthood.

From initial recommendation of nursery design and layette to instilling confidence in new parents, advising on reflux, feeding options, sleeping patterns, bonding and safety precautions; Margarita is available to provide expert quotes and comments for any pregnancy and parenting related features.

To arrange an interview with Margarita or for comments and quotes please contact Mischa Joslin

Website: www.margaritaatieh.com