Boudoir PR Press Day by Fashion Capital

Walking into the kitsch Boudoir PR offices, just off Soho Square, it’s hard to believe that this modest office hosts an agency supporting over 40 companies.


Many of the products and clients are fashion and beauty based and there’s a showroom at the rear of the office housing the cream of the crop.

The first thing I see as I walk in is a manicurist using the Ciate cult beauty brand products for nails, hands and recently feet too! The manicurist gives me a superb manicure, scolding me for biting my nails and smothering my damaged cuticles in oils and potions. Such as the fabulous new Chocolate scented nail varnish remover. The chocolate scent takes the edge off the foul nail varnish smell that seems unavoidable. With my nails feeling and looking fabulous I continue to browse the range of products.

Giant Vintage

Giant vintage have a HUGE range of vintage style sunglasses and a great range of geek chic normal glasses too. The company is LA based and the prices surprisingly low with no ridiculous delivery charge wacked on top.

I have recently scoured the internet for a pair of vintage Cazals and ended up spending far too much on This site takes the effort out of the hunt for the perfect pair of sunnies and I love.

Check out for the full range.

Alphabet Bags

Alphabet bags do what they say on the jar. High quality, canvas shopper bags with letters of the Alphabet on, they also do a range of cute slogans and have recently teamed up with Anna Lou London to create a range of rhinestone lettered bags which are so sparkly and beautiful.

This is a simple concept but it totally works! The range is fully customisable and available from £8 at!

Cleo B Footwear

Cleo B footwear is gorgeous. It combines elegances and femininity with almost sculptural elements, including square gold heels and oddly shaped wedges.

The colours this season, her third, are very classic, including jet black, gold, bronze, tortoiseshell and deep royal blue and amethyst.

This collection ‘Beirut Bliss Town’ takes inspiration from Arabic architecture, from golden domed ceilings, gilt, arched stained glass windows, all encrusted with jewels.

As well as these opulent elements, Cleo B strongly believes in practicality, aiming to make flat shoes every bit as elegant as their stiletto sisters. The collection is made up of 13 unique styles including, multi-strap heels, ankle boots, courts, wedges and flats. Over all Beirut Bliss Town is chic, sophisticated and utterly gorgeous.

Cleo B’s new boutique will be opening this month but you can currently buy the collection online at or in the boutique at Dover Street Market.

Punky Pins

Punky Pins are innovators in acrylic. They create gorgeous personalised jewellery starting at just £20. Remember when SATC‘s Carrie made personalised necklaces cool? Well this has spread to the likes of Katy Perry and Pixie Lott wearing amazing jewellery from PunkyPins. You can order your name, for example, in 30 different styles including a gold simple acrylic necklace to a glittering version, to double layered chunky statement pieces.

PunkyPins also have a range of kitsch, gimmicky necklaces, highly popular with teenagers including a moustache necklace like this.

For more information and to create your own go online to

St Erasmus


St Erasmus’s luxurious jewellery is so distinctive and different. Opulent pearls and incredible detail go into these amazing pieces designed by South African talent Pieter Erasmus. Erasmus uses traditional Asian techniques and luxurious materials including Swarovski crystals and Zari thread crochet. This creates a lavish, modern collection of rings, bib style necklaces, cuffs and long intricate swinging necklaces.


St Erasmus was recently thrown into the spotlight when Michelle Obama wore a necklace to the inauguration of her husband.

For more information and to purchase your own St Erasmus piece go to


Johnny Loves Rosie

The cult brand are re-launching in 2010 with a new range of fabulous statement accessories including hand crafted corsages and huge bow hair bands – think mini mouse in London! The whole range is ridiculously girly.

The new accessories are young and fresh and are looking to be a huge hit when the brand re launches.

Look out for the launch!



Online fast fashion boutique Missguided is a lot like but with higher quality garments. The clothes are all stunning and really reasonable prices. The store follows trends slavishly so you are in no danger of going out of fashion is you are guided by Missguided! There’s a huge range of accessories as well also at lovely low prices.

To shop go to –


Nina Bon Bina

E-commerce site launching soon!

Our very own Nina Bin Bina has been recently spotted being worn by Alexandra ‘Bad Boys’ Burke.

The feminine flirty garments are stunning and classic and made to such a high standard. Nina Bon Bina will be launching their new e-commerce site very soon! Watch this space!


Galibardy Jewellery

Galibardy Jewellery is fierce. It is often seen on celebs such as Fern Cotton, Peaches Geldoff and has been featured in Grazia.

It’s not surprising that this brand has such a strong following with Cadillac knuckle duster rings and huge jewel encrusted necklaces and bracelets including slogans. Pieces that stood out were the huge headphones and twin gun necklaces that weighed a tonne but were beautiful all the same. This is youth culture in an accessories collection. If you want to shop there is a boutique in trendy Brick Lane and you can order online at

Truffle Shuffle

A huge site with thousands of Tees online. The site specialises in retro t-shirts and accessories. You can shop by film character, style t-shirt, designer and there are so many more options. Truffle Shuffle is the ultimate online t-shirt store.

There’s a huge selection of jewellery too and this is the place for cute, reasonably priced brands covering all your favourite characters and people.


To The Prom

An American sweet 16 concept. Beautiful prom dresses and hundreds of tips on how to throw your own, fantastical prom. There’s hundreds of stunning, embellished dresses, shoes and accessories to buy online as well as the ‘Him’ section that features a range of ridiculous bow ties and a section dedicated to your corsage. I hear a ‘design your own prom dress’ idea is in the pipeline and this website is working very hard towards being the next big thing! If you’re off to the ball, make sure you consult first!

Look out for more fabulous products from Boudoir PR

Jemima Daisy x