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The Blogger Divide: Converters or Brand-Builders?

Two types of blog influencers are quickly emerging — and there is little overlap.

Blog Influencers and Conversions

In the mushrooming world of social media, the industry is realising there are two types of blog influencers: those who convert and those who don’t. And both are equally important.

Reaching the coveted million follower milestone is what once legitimised an influencer, giving them the cache, star power and ability to write their own tickets when it came to securing projects with brands that could elicit six, and sometimes even seven, figure fees.

But a new divide upon entry into this coveted club is taking shape.

Once a blogger attains a certain status they’re able to successfully drive sales or brand awareness — but rarely both. Many of the influencers with followers in the several millions don’t really move the needle when it comes to conversion. This is according to brands and industry experts. At the same time, a growing number of online talent with followings at just under or in the one million range are proving to have a selling power that trumps their peers with five to ten times that number of followers.

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