Carrot Sun

B Public Relations Now Represents Carrot Sun

B Public Relations has been appointed to handle the PR for Carrot Sun®.

Carrot Sun tan accelerators are the latest in tanning. They are applied over any SPF whilst sunbathing to get a deep golden tan – FAST. Carrot Sun works wonders for the fair skinned who have never been able to tan, and is especially amazing for those who want a deep natural tan without spending too many hours in the sun.

Carrot Sun products contain natural active ingredients that completely optimise tanning. The unique secret ingredient henna enhances skin colour to give a rich golden-coloured glow. Henna also allows skin to hold on to that glow for weeks, resulting in a very long lasting tan that fades more evenly. Carrot oil is rich in beta carotene which is another contributor to Carrot Sun’s signature golden-coloured glow, thus enhancing skin colour naturally during tanning.

The ability to tan more quickly and efficiently using Carrot Sun is due to L-Tyrosine which is naturally found in almond oil. It promotes and stimulates the production of melanin in the skin upon exposure to UV rays or the sun.

Alongside their original product Carrot, Carrot Sun® also comes in Coconut, Papaya, Tropical Fruit, Cocoa Butter, Gold, and Watermelon flavours.

Available from Superdrug from £14.99

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Instagram: @carrotsunuk