B PR Appointed To Handle PR For EatCleanTea

B Public Relations has been appointed to handle the PR for EatCleanTea, advocates of a healthy lifestyle, body and all round wellness with the help of Matcha teas.

EatCleanTea’s Matcha is simply pure green tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder. The reason it’s powdered is so that you can ingest the tea leaves while drinking them and get 100% of its health benefits. EatCleanTea sources its Matcha from Japan to ensure it is the highest quality and therefore the best in nutritional value, taste and aroma.

EatCleanTea strive to provide the healthy answer to teatoxes as Matcha can support weight loss yet be enjoyed every day with no side effects such as the laxative effect experienced with teatoxes. Swap your morning caffeine fix for Matcha, which is a great substitute for coffee as it gives you long-lasting energy without hyper-alertness or the dreaded slump after. Matcha also contains the rare compound L-Theanine which promotes a feeling of calm and focus.

Join the EatCleanTea community and take your first step towards a happier, healthier you.




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