B PR appointed to handle beauty PR for ThumbsUp

B Public Relations has been appointed to handle the beauty PR for designer nail wraps brand ThumbsUp.

Packed with gorgeous designs, decadent prints and laden with eye-catching details, the salon quality ThumbsUp wraps are to nails what the catwalk is to couture. The designer equivalent of nail wear, ThumbsUp girls wear their nail art bold, loud and proud. The brand’s powerful imagery and street-style edge marries tastemakers with beauty buffs giving a designer wrap that makes a powerful style statement all of its own.

“What sets ThumbsUp apart is our real focus on design and quality. We designed and created nail wraps with unprecedented effects including Overlay, Pearlescent, Metallic and Glow in the Dark, some of these effects are first of its kind in the UK so we’re confident that our wearers will stand out. Our nail wraps are also slightly elastic, ensuring a better fit for the individual’s nail curvature. Bulging tends to be a common issue in other nail wrap products.”

ThumbsUp has a unique pre-cut nail wraps template designed to fit a wide range of nail sizes and shapes. All ThumbsUp nail wrap packs include two sets of ten different sized wraps. Once applied, ThumbsUp nail wraps can last up to 10 days depending on wearer’s lifestyle.They can be quickly and easily removed by peeling off and won’t damage the nail. ThumbsUp nail wraps are also gel and acrylic friendly; they can be worn underneath or on top of both types of extension mixture.