Invisible Zinc TINTED DAYWEAR SPF 30+

With the heat wave, it’s vital to be prepared and think about sun care. Combine coverage and SPF into your makeup regime with the Invisible Zinc TINTED DAYWEAR SPF 30+,  a superior physical sunscreen with foundation, and ensures your skin stays hydrated and protected, whilst providing great coverage and a natural complexion, without overloading the skin with chemicals. Available in light and medium, it is designed to adapt to all complexions and denotes the need for separate skin care, sunscreen and foundation – it’s a moisturiser, foundation sunscreen and shield in one!


The revolutionary Invisible Zinc suncare range protects the skin in a completely natural and innovative way by providing a physical barrier of 100% natural Zinc Oxide. This forms a ‘second skin,’ acting as a shield against the damaging elements. Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral ingredient which has healing and antibacterial properties making it suitable for use on all skin types including even sensitive skin.