Drawing inspiration from its Sicilian origins, BIG BOY products combine rich, natural ingredients like Sicilian olive, almond oil and beeswax to create superior skin and hair care products that work in harmony with the natural elements of male skin. An innovative line developed to make you feel good and look your best, the BIG BOY collection includes BIG BOY Beard Balm, BIG BOY Moustache Wax, BIG Beard Wash, and BIG BOY Soothing Drops. BIG BOY’s range of luxurious products will help to hydrate, soften, moisturise and restore the skin’s healthy balance, whilst keeping unruly locks and bristles tamed and styled. Designed to reflect and enhance the high-end style and sophistication of its clients, BIG BOY seamlessly blends quality ingredients and advanced technology to create truly unique grooming products for the modern day man of today.