The World of Anna Sui Comes to London


Anna Sui’s Exhibition is coming to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London! The classic American Designer is finally displaying her work on what she calls the ‘largest’ exhibition she’s had with over 100 pieces of art work.  Her rock-n-roll and romanticism theme reinvents pop culture for every new generation there is.

‘The World of Anna Sui’ showcases pieces from all different decades. It starts with Mods, Punks and continues to School Girls, Hippies, Grunge and Surfers. This retrospective exhibition will highlight the journey and different events in Sui’s life. It will follow her path from the beginning of her career to fame.

Over the years, Anna Sui has built up a large beauty and accessories collection which she is extremely proud of. “Anna Sui is one of the most important and influential American designers of the past twenty-five years,” said Celia Joicey, head of the Fashion and Textile Museum.

This exhibition will open: 26 May – 1 October 2017.

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